Creative Card Making Articles

Personalizing a Handmade Birthday Card
Looking for ways to wow your birthday card recipient? Then consider finding a way to make their handmade birthday card as unique as they are! Here is a list of some creative and easy ways that you can make a customized birthday card. And included is a sample of a personalized birthday collage card created for a special birthday recipient.

Creative Handmade Wedding Card Ideas
A handmade card can become a special keepsake for the couple who has just been wedded. It can be a wonderful surprise if you present them a card that is customized with them in mind. Thinking of a creative way to personalize a handmade greeting card can sometimes be difficult, so here are some easy ways to create a memorable card for any special couple who will soon be tying the knot.

Valentine's Day Card Crafting - The Easy Way!
Are you gearing up for a Valentine's Day crafting session? Then check out these tips on how to easily prepare for a fun Valentine's Day crafting bonanza. Preparing beforehand for a crafting marathon will make creating your special handmade greeting cards much easier. Also, if you are hosting a crafting party with friends and family or even your kids, then the more you prep before the event, then the more enjoyable and less stressful it will be for you.

How to Use Christmas Card Sketches
Card sketches can save you time and money - especially during the busy holiday season. They will give you the edge you may need this because they help take the guesswork out of creating beautiful and unique holiday cards. So get ready to impress your family and friends this year with amazing holiday cards. Learn more about how to make card sketches work for you!