How Creative Card Sketches Came to Be!

Hello Fellow Card Makers!

My name is Gloria and I love making handmade greeting cards!

Over three years ago I started a website, Creative Card Ideas, dedicated to making handmade greeting cards on a budget.

After hundreds of different cards, I started to run out of card layout ideas!

So I went online to look at other handmade cards for some inspiration and found some absolutely gorgeous cards! But I got discouraged because I didn't own any special cutting machines or have a very big collection of rubber stamps, which many of these amazing handmade cards seemed to require.

So instead of sifting through tons of different handmade cards online hoping to find one that only crafting supplies that I already owned, I started sketching out some simple greeting card layouts that left the finished card up to one's imagination (and up to one's crafting budget!)

My collection of card sketches became the ebook that you see today - 101 Creative Card Sketches! These sketches are for beginner and seasoned card makers alike who struggle with finding new card layouts.

Each card sketch works like a blueprint where you fill in the blanks with what you've got! So you can add or take away elements as you please and end up with a unqiue card each and every time - so make a card as simple or as extravagent as you'd like.

So I hope you'll enjoy using these card making sketches as much as I have!

Happy Card Making!